American-Icelandic singer/songwriter, Gaby DeSpain takes modern pop and riddles it with electric blues and 80s synth-pop. She is currently Seattle-based but spent her formative years living in India and Turkey and travelled to 20 different countries all before the age of 16. These experiences and relationships have had a profound influence on her work creating a dark pop sound and a performance style reminiscent of Billie Holiday and old Hollywood; it is all at once nostalgic, fluid, and sensual.


While Gaby’s music can be cheeky it is almost always with a dark undertone. Her introspective and lyrical style ranges from the direct “Settle for Skin Deep” to the depressive and haunting “Dark Delight”.  Her melancholic themes are wrapped in catchy tunes that emerge with a pop sound that is profound, cool, and engaging. She is a world weary poet who’s young life has given her a broader perspective while illuminating the commonality of human kind.